July 15, 2009

My bookmarks today - Wednesday, July 15, 2009

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A well-placed Kick..
11:09:38 PM
Chromium Blog: Smaller is Faster (and Safer Too)
8:30:47 PM
Windows Live Mobile SMS Lets Me Connect to my Digital World
4:24:41 PM
Top 15 Web Hoaxes of All Time
"Rumors of GoogleTV have been around for years. So it’s not surprising that when clever YouTuber Mark Erickson created a very well done how-to video demonstrating how to gain access to the service’s hidden beta, people bought it hook line and sinker."
3:50:49 PM
iTunes update 8.2.1 breaks Palm Pre synchronization
"it is a bit disappointing if Apple created this update just to break the Pre sync capability"
3:05:12 PM
The top 10 best (and worst) CEOs and companies in Seattle
3:01:23 PM
Twitter Admin interface hacked..
12:39:28 AM

Stories I shared on Google Reader today...

Boss Revolution offers 1$ free Calling credit(50 min free calls to INDIA From USA)
from: Free calls, VoIP phone calls and latest offers
11:42:37 PM

Google makes it easier to ditch Lotus Notes
from: Download Squad
12:11:24 PM

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