December 8, 2006

Building up your documentation Karma

 Brad Abrams says,

I just saw that the MSDNWiki RC0 just went live! I love this project because it allows us as a community to control the quality of the documentation and samples. It makes it super easy for Microsoft folks and the community to quickly and easily add content to the MSDN docs…

This opens up a whole new concept.. I call it documentation Karma.. the theory goes if you spent a little time each week adding a few tips or code examples to your favorite types, then you build up doc karma, if you have enough doc karma then the next time YOU are stuck, and just need a quick example there will be one waiting for you down in the community content section… Ahh, Doc karma at work!

Just select the "Community Contnet" button

Then read or add your add your comments!

Some cool links:

The Statistics page:
RSS Feed:
For .NET Framework 2.0 reference:
For .NET Framework 3.0:

Let's hear what you think!


Really cool thing, and on MSDN it was really needed. But I think constant moderation would be required to avoid useless material and spamming.