December 28, 2006

iloggo - Create your own Grid from your Favorites Sites


iloggo, Polish based company, allows you to save all your favorite into a convenient visual map. Each user will be able to easily and quickly access to all his frequently visited sites.
iloggo is also a search engine based on dedicated algorithms and database of frequently visited and saved pages. The more users who frequently visit and save the same page the higher it goes in the results. You can browse for matters of interest among other users addresses, and share your addresses with them.
iloggo provide their users with some great Ajax experience. Also they offers you access to your favorite web addresses from any computer:

  • Collect your favorite web pages on iloggo
  • Services, you want to remember, add to “My entries”
  • Services, you often visit, keep on your grid
  • Enter your favorite web pages with just one click

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