December 24, 2006

Update on Blog Site !!!

Hello Everybody,

This is regarding the blog site and hosting update for

I purchased my own domain yesterday :-)

So, will redirect you now to Everything will be same but, hosting and space will not used from blogger!!

Yesterday whole day I was busy in setting up new server and finding some way to figure out, how to merge all my things distributed all over the internet!!

Well, about the hosting, I have purchased a very huuuuuuuuuge plan where they could give me domain registration free of cost :) and still I paid 120$ :(
Its loads of webspace on the internet (but yes, its totally linux hosting.. so, ASP and ASP.NET would not run :(.

Now, for one-two days, would give all my time to create one good website for So, keep watchin :)

Merry Cristmas !