December 7, 2006

Major Microsoft Expression Announcements

Anouncements, announcements & announcements !!! 

Microsoft today made key announcements regarding Microsoft Expression and the Expression Studio software suite including new details on some of the Expression tools as well as pricing and availability.

I’ve compiled all the new details including pricing for the Microsoft Expression information released today in my brand new blog section called Technology Showcases.

Check out my Microsoft Expression Technology Showcase!

I installed Expression Design (December 2006 CTP) today. They changed the whole UI and it works a bit differently than it used to. I haven’t dived too in-depth just yet but plan to. I am looking to install Expression Blend later today. My biggest two Expression apps that are most relevant to me are Expression Web and Expression Design. I am curious how well Expression Design measures up to the likes of Adobe Photoshop.

Long Zheng also has some excellent coverage of today’s Expression announcements too.

Mary Jo Foley expresses concern for certain aspects of Microsoft Expression announcement - feeling that Microsoft seems to be sending “mixed singles” regarding the whole Expression suite.

Overall, there is a pretty balanced conversation in the community over Expression right now and I look forward to watching it evolve.

Source: Major Microsoft Expression Announcements
Originally published on Mon, 04 Dec 2006 21:56:41 GMT by Brandon LeBlanc