October 16, 2007

Getting addicted to RSS.. Help me..

Anybody has solution for this habituation? I am thinking, I am getting addicted to RSS reading.. When I get some time (be it 10 free minutes or some stretching time in my day, I open my RSS reader and start reading things there!!)

Here is what my Trendline shows..

There are pros and cons of this thing as well (if you think deeply)..

You can get up to date with what's latest with the industry.Sitting on chair in your office, you can travel entire world.. You can increase your network in the industry. And most importantly knowledge. You never know which bit of knowledge will become useful in what situation. Ultimately, we all are knowledge workers.. Happy

Time.. time.. time.. The only cons I could think of is, TIME.. Sometimes we need to set proper priorities to tasks, and if this habituation comes in front of real task it creates the problem.

I am still finding my way between these pros and cons.. but I think its going good.. (except next few weeks, I know I am going to have hectic schedule having both of my team members on vacation..)

Stay tuned.. Wave