October 16, 2007

GMail increasing the mailbox limit..

Yes, I was little bit worried about my primary gmail account, I was thinking if I had to take premium services from gmail so that I can get some more space because today, after deleting all spams my usage was 49%(there were around 3254 spams in my mailbox!!! I dont know when will Google get rid of this spams.. Look at live.com they dont have these much spam!! I get literally 1 spam on my live.com account everyday and where as on gmail, I get everyday almost 140-200 spams Happy)

So, when I logged into my account today, I got to know that gmail is increasing their limit.. Right now, its 3428MB but I have read it somewhere that they are going to increase it till 4 GB in near future.

So, Enjoy!!

Stay tuned.. Wave