October 15, 2007

How would it be if "Online Calendars integrates with IM"..

After a long time, posting an article in How would it be.. series. Does not mean I have stopped getting ideas, it means, I have become somewhat lazy or not getting enough time to fire a post on the idea.

So, today's idea is, if Online PIM systems like Yahoo, Google, Windows Live which has IM support as well as Online Calendar. I heavily use calendar (corporate calendar for customer meetings and google calendar for my personal tasks) for managing things. Now, when an event occurs in calendar, these online calendars have already integrated with their respective email services, and some of them have even integrated with SMS systems so they send you SMS (like Google Calendar). But wouldn't it be great if they integrate with their IM system? The end result of it would be, whenever event is about to occur, it would send you a short instant message with all event detail to your IM (for people like me who are online almost all time, it will be really great and too fast!!)

What do you think?? Share your thoughts in comments section..

Stay tuned.. Wave