October 12, 2007

Google Desktop - Secret downloader

I have been using Google desktop from its initial beta days. And have loved this product. Due to some other debugging, I have network statistics logging driver installed on my machine and what I am seeing is something strange-unexplained.

Google Desktop downloads 1.99 MB of data every now and then. I think at least 2 times in an hour. It connects to google servers and starts downloading these data, every time the number of bytes being downloaded are almost the same (around 1.99 - 2 MB). Can anybody from google explain why do you need to download those 2 MB data? Is this the reason you are creating 3 GB of index file?? (to store these downloaded data??) And "Do no evil" company doesnt document anything about this!! Why?

PS: I even dont have option enabled to search my gmail account, in which case I understand it has to download the email data and create index for that, but I just want my local machine to participate in index, I dont want any updates and any such unsolicited bytes coming from the web.

Anybody else, have observed this behavior???

Stay tuned.. Wave