June 24, 2010

How to get Maximum (105) Buzz score in Cafe World

Facebook has lot of applications, Some of these applications are games and yes, they are addictive. I’ve been playing some of Zynga’s games like (I’ve listed them in the order I like to play them!),

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I have found all the games addictive and There are tricks to playing each game. Zynga added social flavor to each game (Like you can visit your friend and ask/give help from/to them, which is a killer feature).


Here, I have listed one of the tricks I have found in CafeWorld. This is the game where you have your own cafe where you cook & serve your customers. Now, the amount of customers that come into your Cafe depends on the Buzz Score. By default buzz score 5 is assigned (when you start the game). Each satisfied customer adds 0.1 to the buzz score. Here satisfied customer means, he came to your cafe door and got a place to sit and dish to eat. If a customer comes and he isn’t served in couple of seconds, he will go away and that will decrease 0.1 buzz score. The more buzz score you have, the more customers come to your cafe. The more customers come, the more coins you can get and more items you can buy to decorate your cafe or do things like expand the cafe or prepare costly dishes. So, in short, key to success in this game is having a very high buzz score. The maximum buzz score one can reach is 105. If you have 105 buzz score, customers will rush into your cafe like anything (I somehow like the feeling of so many people coming and eating in the cafe! Seriously, I love it! lol)


So, in order to get higher buzz score, you need to serve all the customers almost instantly. Now, sometimes waiters can be busy serving other customers and some customer may go away (which will decrease your buzz score). You can use following trick to make sure each customer is served instantly.


The Trick is, Lock all your waiters so they can not go anywhere. In that case, they will get the magic capability of serving each customer instantly and cleaning dirty dishes instantly. Watch following video and see how my cafe operates..

If you know some other trick, please comment here..


Stay tuned..