June 18, 2010

My bookmarks today - Friday, June 18, 2010

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Utah Attorney General Posts Real-time Execution Updates on Twitter
from: Maximum PC all RSS Feed
11:46:46 PM

Spec Explorer on advanced constraints for combinations
from: Musing about Software Testing
11:06:30 PM

Google Introduces Command Line Utility
from: Maximum PC all RSS Feed
This actually looks good.. but I will be searching for actual uses for automation..
10:51:44 PM

Quiz: Guess which is real and pirated Microsoft software
from: The Seattle Times: Microsoft Pri0
3:10:00 PM

What You Need to Know about Office 2010 Starter
from: Maximum PC all RSS Feed
2:11:01 PM

Pick&Zip lets you download any Facebook album as a ZIP or PDF
from: Download Squad
2:01:28 PM

Synchronize Google Chrome Extensions
from: Google Operating System
1:37:12 PM

Microsoft Sending Windows 7 SP1 Beta Invites
from: Maximum PC all RSS Feed
1:33:25 PM

Windows 7 Tip: How to change the default audio device with a hotkey
from: Download Squad
Awesome, same problem I have been facing from a long time.. In my case, I have PC speakers and HDTV connected, many times I have to change between default sound devices.. I tried the script and it works great!
1:31:49 PM

What is Microsoft PC Essentials?
from: TheWindowsClub
12:57:39 PM

How to Capture a Minidump: Let Me Count the Ways
from: John Robbins' Blog
12:54:55 PM

Worst Job
from: Laugh IT Out
I agree!
12:49:00 PM

Worst Job
from: Laugh IT Out
I agree!
12:48:59 PM

If Mukesh Ambani keeps promise,Gujarat will get a world-class university
from: DeshGujarat.Com
Gujarat Shining!
12:34:46 PM

Be a King of Bing Maps!
from: TheWindowsClub
12:02:39 PM

Driving Fail
from: FAIL Blog: Epic Fail Funny Pictures and Funny Videos of Owned, Pwned and Fail Moments
Wondering how did this happen!
11:58:09 AM

Facebook Revenue May Be Approaching $1B
from: GigaOM
11:57:01 AM

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