October 26, 2006

Adobe introduces SoundBooth, an audio editing tool !!

Adobe introduced a beta version of "Soundbooth" on Thursday, intended for the average consumer who may not need the power and capabilities of its professional audio editing product, Audition. Eventually, the application will make its way into the Creative Suite product.

"Adobe Soundbooth is a completely new, highly intuitive audio creation and editing toolset designed to accelerate the integration of sound into video and Flash workflows," Adobe Dynamic Media vice president and general manager Jim Guerard said.

Soundbooth will allow users to fix and edit audio files using visual tools. Without training in sound production, users will be able to record, edit and create audio easily, the company said. The program is integrated with Flash and Premiere Pro to allow audio files to be used in those projects.

Audition will be marketed to professional environments going forward, such as broadcast radio. Soundbooth will replace Audition in Adobe Production Studio, it said. Additionally, due to demand, Soundbooth will be made available in both Macintosh and Windows versions.

A beta of Soundbooth for either operating system can be downloaded from the Adobe Labs Web site.