October 23, 2006

Google eating its own dogfood?

The official Blogger blog, Blogger Buzz, gives us a talk about eating our own dogfood — I admit, it is nice to see Google does use their own product, but it's hard to feel comfortable when hackers can find ways to post items on your blog (which is now apparently fixed), and when the service has bad months from time to time causing outages and frustrated users.

"The issues they raise (like the fake Google Blog post, which involved an API bug) typically get fixed and pushed live within hours of their discovery. The Google Blog deletion that Michael mentions was the result of an automated anti-blogspam process and a double-corner case involving a feature of Blogger we discontinued many years ago — no actual users were affected. Andrea's accidental post on Blogger Buzz was simple human error." –Eric, Blogger Buzz

With that said, I agree with Eric that the product becomes more powerful, secure, sophisticated and easy to use as time goes on — it's just unfortunate that so much happened in such a short period.  What do you think?  Has it become difficult for you to trust Blogger?