October 25, 2006

Yahoo Messenger new version released..

Yahoo! released new version of its IM software. I have still not come across any new features in yahoo messenger but will post them as soon as I come across any.

If you dont want to download the messenger starter 800KB file and directly want to download whole software, use this link.

The changes in this version are as follows,

  • The title of the application is changed to "Yahoo Messenger" instead of that long name "Yahoo Messenger for Voice blah blah.." So, no wider notification window for presence information.. looks cute.. [for people having dim light, whenever any contact goes offline/comes online, we see notification window, that used to be very wider in previous version but now, in this, we have cute smaller window because they have changed the title of the application.]
  • In idle mode (means, i dont do any activity.. just being online..), I see 40 MB memory occupied by Yahoo Messenger !!! (Thank god, I have 1GB RAM installed...)
  • In idle mode, I see around 30-33 threads in an application. This is too much I think..
  • [27-Oct] Its just crap.. I have been using this new messenger from last two days.. but its been crashed for atleast 12 times... how can company like Yahoo! release such buggy product !! I am totally disappointed..