October 28, 2006

Now, readers can donate me for Blogging service !!

This week-end, apart from going for outing to mysore [with my brother who accompanied me whole diwali here at bangalore], my target is to get in-touch with PayPal and have some inside touch of the technology that e-bay has employed in this..

So, while doing some more research, came across "Donate" feature, and just thought, my readers could also donate me for the blogging service I provide (though while starting blogging, my only intention was to share knowledge and information) but why don't accept donations if somebody can do !! (Even, was wondering if BillG could come to my blog and could donate some million dollars out of his treasure !!! ....... Just kidding.. !!!)

Anyways, now, Donate button is functioning at the blog.. You could see the Donate button just below the "about me" section. So, what are you waiting for?? Use it... :-)