October 19, 2006

Website-Watcher 4.22

WebSite-Watcher checks an unlimited number of web-sites for updates and changes with a minimum of time and online-costs. When changes in a website are detected, it saves the last two versions to your hard disk and highlights all changes in the text.

Latest Changes:

  • Included CSS files fully supported. If CSS files include links to other CSS files, then they are downloaded instead of ignoring them (for example NY Times)
  • Fixed: WebSite-Watcher could hang when opening the version with highlighted changes
  • Improved detection of new postings or replies in table based forums
  • Prevent highlighting of filtered parts improved
  • Wininet check technology improved (a server could report an error in combination with WebSite-Watcher under rare circumstances)
  • Fixed: Ctrl+Shift+Click on a link didn't work when the internal browser was maximized
  • Fixed: "Set properties in all selected bookmarks" didn't work immediately for several bookmark properties
  • Internal html code parser improved, is now more compatible with browsers (pages with strange html code were displayed different to main browsers)
  • Bookmark properties + "Don't prepare anything for offline browsing" improved
  • Improved parsing of some un-typical server logs
  • Fixed: Several Unicode issues and incompatibilities fixed (especially on far east Windows versions). This should also fix the problem with disappearing filters
  • Detection and handling of pages in UTF-8 format is now compatible to web browsers
  • Fixed: Sorting bookmarks didn't work correctly in the external search window under certain circumstances
  • Fixed: FTP addresses with %20 (instead of blanks) in the URL could not be checked
  • Copy/Move a bookmark file to another .wsw file also copies the status info (was blank in previous versions)

Download trial version here