October 31, 2006

Microsoft announces MCA program..

Just attended brief seminar on MCA program (Microsoft Certified Architect)..

Brief about the program is as follows, directly from Microsoft..

The Microsoft Certified Architect Program validates top industry experts in Information Technology Architecture.

The Program is made up of Certified Architect professionals who hold the Microsoft Certified Architect credential. They have ten or more years of experience in Information Technology with at least three years of experience as practicing architects. They also have strong technical and leadership skills which help to form a distinguished community.

Unlike other Information Technology certifications, the Certified Architect professionals in the Microsoft Certified Architect Program were granted the Microsoft Certified Architect credential by recommendation of other previously certified industry architects. As candidates, the professionals were required to present their knowledge to the Review Board and then they were required to gain the approval of previously certified architects who examined their progress as they moved through the rigorous Review Board process.

The certification that they hold serves as a target for other practicing solutions architects and infrastructure architects who have successfully applied frameworks and methodologies to create an architecture that serves the whole IT life cycle. These architects during candidacy can demonstrate how they've used multiple technologies to solve business problems and provide business metrics and measurements to describe the success or failure of the projects that they drive during the process.

Some facts

  1. Currently there are only 70 architects all over the world.
  2. Person who wishes to become architect, have to pay fees of around $10,000 (4,50,000 indian rupees) !!!
  3. If person is rejected / fails, he would be returned the money he paid.
  4. The certification will involve PHD like presentation to be given, he will be giving rounds of interviews through other architects (from or outside Microsoft) and most important thing is it would be face to face.. (not telephonic or like that..)
  5. Microsoft wishes only few architects all over the world so, the process is very hard.
  6. Once you are an architect, you will have direct access to Microsoft internal architect level people (you can directly talk to them / email them.. - They will respond even !!!)

So, what are you waiting for !! Start preparing..

Read more information about this here..