October 25, 2006

Windows Defender stastics released...

On February 13, 2006, Microsoft unveiled Windows Defender Beta 2. Yesterday, the company publicly released the final build of the antispyware tool, which I have personally touted as a fantastic piece of software. But how good is it?

Microsoft has decided to release the numbers to show just how successful Windows Defender has been in removing spyware from infected PCs. Basing their statistics on the first three months of Windows Defender Beta 2's lifetime, Microsoft found that the software discovered 22 million pieces of spyware and successfully removed 14 million of them. Windows Defender also uncovered 2,849 unique groups of spyware. The most frequent offenders that the product removed were ABetterInternet.DrPMon, TV Media Display, Twain Tech's IE add-on, SaveNow, SearchAssistant, Kazaa, and BearShare.

Great numbers, isnt it?