October 25, 2006

Google Video on Mobile devices but not from Google !!!

There's a Google Video for mobile devices, but not from Google. Independent developer Scott Robbin has created the unofficial version of Google Video for mobile phones. It lets people search, download and view content off Google Video directly from their mobile phones. All you need is a phone that has an XHTML-compliant browser and enough storage to hold large video files. It helps if the Internet connection is fast and if the phone has an application capable of playing AVI or MP4 files.

Robbin has also posted a video demonstration on YouTube. "I've got it running on my Motorola Q,a nd it works great," he wrote in an e-mail. "While it may not be the real deal, until Google offers us something better, or Adobe creates a mobile Flash player, capable of playing flash video, it's all we've got." No word from Google on this unofficial release.

The video demonstration is as follows..