October 5, 2006

Pando 0.9.2 beta released !!

Pando - Thanks for SharingHave you ever tried to e-mail a file and couldn't because it was just too large? Then Pando is at your help, Pando is completely free and simple to use, Pando lets you bypass e-mail attachment limits. No more sending lower-quality videos or photos. Forget FTP and don't even compress. With Pando, you can send up to 1GB attachments at a time--not just files but folders, too. Pando also conveniently uses existing e-mail addresses--because we know the last thing you need is another place to check for incoming files.

Version 0.9.2 beta includes an Outlook plug-in option too.

Screenshot of Pando app

Visit, http://www.pando.com for download information.