May 13, 2007

Google to build new huge Research facility in India

Reading webpronews and found,

Never mind another research facility, and a call center is so comparatively small as to be out of the question; Google intends to build a new “state-of-the-art techno complex” near Hyderabad, India.

The facility - which may resemble a full-on, campus-like Googleplex - “is expected to house 4,000 people,” reports The Hindu, “and the company proposes to raise the headcount further based on the business needs.”  Google’s current facility in the area makes use of just 1,000 employees.

Roy Gilbert, Google India’s director of online sales and operations, spoke with an understated style when he talked to the Business Standard about the development.  “Google products and services have received a very encouraging response, and our offices have grown,” he acknowledged, “thanks to the exceptional talent pool.”

Gilbert then said he viewed the plan to build the complex as “a step forward in further establishing our commitment to India.”

The Indian government seemed willing to take a few steps, as well - it allotted 20 acres of land for the new complex.  And, according to The Hindu, “Welcoming Google’s decision to invest in the State, the Chief Minister said such investments would help in accelerating economic growth in addition to providing gainful employment.”

Google’s presence in India can be felt in Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore, in addition to Hyderabad - offices and research and development centers abound.  This new undertaking appears to be of an entirely different scale of magnitude, but an expected date of completion has not yet been made public, so it may be many years before India (or Google) sees anything come of it.

Cool, isnt it?

Stay tuned.. Wave