May 13, 2007

Yahoo mail ! Sometimes I hate it..

Yahoo mails is very nice, but sometimes its annoying.. So much that I feel like, I would stop using it.

One example is,

Now, my tragedy is, even after closing the browser and re-opening, I could not get it to working. I know that I had 22 mails unread in my account but I can not see it. Why in the world would this happen to somebody, just because its in Beta? I switched back to the original grandpa version of Yahoo Mail today and would not come back to this new one until it comes out of Beta!! One should always remember, Customer (or User for that matter) takes 10 good experience to get attracted to the product but one bad experience can make him far-far away from the product. Thats what we at Microsoft remember every second..

Anyways, Stay tuned.. Wave