May 23, 2007

How would it be.. If somebody starts IM advertisement !!

Feature/Product : There be a company, which asks you your IM ID (yahoo, gtalk, jabber, liveID, AIM or any other!!) and sends you XX number of daily advertisements that suits your preference, and also if you use those advertisement, you are paid some bonus amount!

These days, we are online almost all the day, and if push method is made for advertisement through IM, I think its going to be a very cool concept. And one can ensure that advertisement was taken into consideration because one would get paid only if they go to the advertisement page (so, we can avoid paying those IM advertisements which are never shown or seen!)

Lets see if somebody gets this idea and implements it!!

BTW, I got one such concept implemented in Mobile (SMS).. They send you SMS and pays you for reading the SMS!! (though, very small amount right now, but I think this is good concept of advertisement!!) Want to become member?? Click here,

Stay tuned.. Wave