May 4, 2007

Windows Vista startup sound ! Was it easy to design/select?

Reading this blog and found very intesting thing.. just imagine if Microsoft can give this much importance to OS's startup sound, what kind of importance would features of vista have been given?

Microsoft in Australia has successfully filed a trademark application on the 24th of April for the Windows Vista melody you hear at startup - the one that took 18 months, 20 people and 500 choices to make. For those musically-talented geeks out there who were wondering what it was composed of, here it is.

The mark consists of the sound of dual ascending melodies played in parallel as 2-note chords E/B, G#/E, a brief rest, followed by two more 2-note chords B/F#, E/B where the initial notes are played two octaves above middle C, as represented in the musical score attached to the application.

You can thank me for this groundbreaking piece of journalism later. Quick, go try it out on your instruments!