May 5, 2007

Why is Apple great ?? Is it really?

Somebody on slashdot says,

"The Consumerist recently published a story about an Apple customer who went through support hell with a broken Macbook. After escalating the issue up the support chain, and a month wait for his Macbook, the guy gave up and simply wrote Steve Jobs a blistering flame-mail. So, was he surprised when Jobs' executive assistant responded back the next day! He got both a brand new Macbook, as well as his old one to copy the hard drive. The guy also responded in a comment, and he turns out to be a slashdotter! He even wrote a journal entry here about the story."

You can see this incident two ways. My view is, company really needs improvement, because if somebody had to reach CEO to get support, its a serious damage to the reputation. And what steve jobs or his executive assistant did is not something extra mile, I think anybody would do that.

Stay tuned.. Wave