May 19, 2007

Updates on blog..

This weekend, one of the agenda was to add new features to the blog.. So, here is some of the modifications I made for the blog.

  • Advertiser changed. You might have noticed that previously it was showing those textual advertisements from bidvertiser, now I have modified it to ebay's exiting visual advertisements.

  • Who is reading / vising site right now! Community integration..

MyBlogLog is one the community service provider who tracks who all people (who have already registered with it!) are reading the website. So, now, on the right panel, it will be showing the users who are reading / visiting the site along with you!!

  • Social Bookmarking Integration. These days, social bookmarking have become really important and people are using it in real good manner.
  • So, decided to add the social bookmarking feature to the each post. So, now, for each post, you will see a button like, the one on left. Clicking that button will open up new page with almost all bookmarking services..!! So, now, you wont have to search for your favorite post on my blog. It would already be there in your bookmarks and also, you will be able to share them up with your friends.