May 7, 2007

How would it be.. If "Orkut improves search functionality.."

Feature: When we search for people in orkut, it gives people list in random order; instead it would be good if orkut can sort people based on connection relativity. Say for example, I have "X" named friend in my friend list, my friend Y has also another "X" person in his list and there is some other "X" named person in world who is not in list of us both..

So, according to this feature, orkut should sort the result if I search for "X"; in following order..

  • X - Who is in my list (connection relativity is 1 here..)
  • X - Who is in Y's list (because connection relativity here is 2)
  • X - Who is in not in our list (because connection relativity is say, 10000.. i.e. some very huge number which will come last, always!)

What you think? If, I would be program manager on orkut, I would have done this.. This is a small feature but adds satisfaction to users.

Share your thoughts too,

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