May 7, 2007

IBM to tell 1300 people, GO HOME !!

Wall Street Journal reports,

Some 1,300 workers in International Business Machines Corp.'s services operations in the U.S. have received notices that their jobs are slated for elimination.

The Alliance at IBM, a union organization affiliated with the Communication Workers of America, which is trying to organize IBM workers, said it had received information about the planned job actions from IBM employees across the U.S. "It's bad," said Lee Conrad, a member of the Alliance Governing Council in Endicott, N.Y.

A spokesman for IBM said when it reported earnings last month that it was "putting in place a series of actions to address our U.S. cost base." IBM doesn't generally announce layoffs, maintaining that hiring and firing are a routine part of managing its business.

Under IBM's normal procedures, the workers have a set period of time to find another job for which they are qualified at IBM, before they are actually laid off.

IBM had 3,54,000 employees world-wide at the end of the first quarter.

WOW, 3lakh 54thousand people in the company, isnt it huge number? Microsoft is at a lakh or so (including vendors)..

Stay tunded.. Wave