November 3, 2006

I am proud of my Microsoft !!!

  • Rank of Microsoft among world’s most recognized brand names in 2005, according to BusinessWeek: 2
  • Rank of Microsoft on Fortune magazine’s 2006 America’s Most Admired Companies list: 10
  • Number of years in a row that Microsoft has been in Fortune’s Top 100 Companies to Work For list: 9
  • Number of employees worldwide in 2006: 71,553 (more than 30,000 in Puget Sound alone - does not include vendors !!)
  • Number of languages in which our products appear: 40
  • Number of spam e-mails blocked by our Puget Sound area servers each day: 8.5 million
  • Average number of people served per business day in our 22 cafeterias in the Puget Sound area: 17,436
  • Average number of passengers the Microsoft Shuttle transports per business day across our main campus in Redmond, WA: 2,000 (making it the largest transit service on the Eastside)
  • Original company name chosen by co-founders Bill Gates and Paul Allen: Micro-Soft
  • Average number of demos featured at TechFest, our annual innovation showcase sponsored by Microsoft Research: 150
  • Number of researchers in Microsoft Research: more than 700 (working in 55 areas including speech recognition, information retrieval, user-interface research, programming tools and methodologies, operating systems and networking, graphics, natural language processing, machine learning, and mathematical sciences)
  • Amount we donated in cash and software to non profit organizations around the world in 2005: $334 million
  • Year our company became the world’s largest personal computer software company based on sales: 1988
  • Number of self-organized social networking groups in our company (such as Blacks at Microsoft, Women at Microsoft, and Hispanics at Microsoft): more than 30

Courtesy Ramnathan, visit here