November 13, 2006

Why was IRAQ invaded ?

This documentry explains the reasons behind the invasion of Iraq. Who planed it, why and how ?

An impressive roster of experts is assembled to provide a generally withering commentary on the quality of evidence and possible motivations of the Neo-conservatives who provided the momentum and muscle behind America’s venture into preemptive war. Among them are veteran CIA analysts and operatives, military officers, diplomats, politicians, arms inspectors, and U.S. and British government officials. The fig leaf of the possibility of an honest mistake on the matter of WMDs is stripped away; what is left is the stark and disturbing anatomy of deliberate deceit.


Note: The content presented in this documentary is one of the hypothesis that might be the reason for invasion in IRAQ. The documentary is produced by and is currently freely distributed on popular video network - Google Video. No offenses welcomed !!