November 26, 2006

Windows Vista Service Pack 1 due in Q3 2007 !!

Longhorn Server RTM/ Windows Vista SP1 RTM

Originally Planned : Second half of 2006/first half of 2007 (Client RTM + 6 to 9 months) ......... so expecting it in Q3 2007 ;)

  • GPMC Integration
    • GPMC is the one-stop shop for managing Group Policy (has been our recommendation for almost 3 years)
    • Why Integrate GPMC Into The Operating System? The perception is…
      • -“It’s just a little utility”
      • “Great, but it’s not part of the Operating System”
      • “What’s GPMC?”
  • Will be available on client and server – no need to download/install
  • No major feature updates; Just bug fixes and localization
  • Some feature updates will be available in “Longhorn” Server (Vista SP1)