November 8, 2006

No Tech Support for GMail...

Just recently, I got a problem with GMail.. somehow, its showing me one of my folder (label) is having 2 mails everytime as unread, though I am damn sure that there is no unread mail in that folder/label. So, just to get this problem solved and make GMail product better, I mailed Google gmail support !!! And what I got in reply is,


Thanks for contacting us. We aren't able to respond directly to inquiries submitted to this email address.

Please visit our Help Center at, or by clicking 'Help' at the top of any Gmail page within your account. Our Help Center provides answers to the most  commonly asked questions, and offers information about Gmail and all of its features.

If you are unable to log in to your Gmail account, please follow the steps to reset your password by clicking 'Forgot your password?' on

The Google Team

I was really stunned. Seems like google is in confidence that their product (though still in Beta stage), is perfect and they don't need any user feedback !! But I think that where they are wrong !

BTW, My Microsoft wins here..