November 25, 2006

What would happen, If Google Didn't Exist...

  • Our mail account would still have 2MB or 4MB of storage and we would be happy about that.
  • We would find a mail by manually reviewing each subject and sender.
  • We would pay for software like Picasa, Keyhole (now Google Earth), Sketchup.
  • Many startups would not exist without Google AdSense, so there would be less innovation.
  • Opera would still be shareware and ad-supported.
  • Our homepage would be a portal, or about:blank.
  • Our search engines would be cluttered, would mix ads with organic results and wouldn't care about the users.
  • We wouldn't look for a search bar in every site.
  • We would think beta software is just for the testers and it's dangerous.
  • Tchnology news would be less exciting.