November 25, 2006

Want to check if the email was sent only to you or whole group? GMail has that functionality..

Gmail displays arrows, or 'personal level indicators,' next to messages in your inbox so you can tell if a message was addressed to you, a group, or a mailing list. A single arrow (>) appears next to a message when it is sent to you, and a group of others. Double arrows (>>) indicate that a message is addressed only to you. Arrows won't appear next to messages sent to a mailing list.

Here's how to enable personal level indicators:

  • Log in to your Gmail account.

  • Click 'Settings' at the top of any Gmail page.

  • Select 'Show indicators' in the 'Personal level indicators:' section, and click 'Save Changes.' (If you'd like to disable personal level indicators, just select 'No indicators' and click 'Save Changes.')