November 9, 2006

Microsoft labs shows PhotoSynth !!!

I'm officially dumbstruck… This now is the coolest thing I have ever done on a computer! And that is saying alot since I get to play with some pretty dang cool stuff doing what I do.

Unbelievable peak into the future of how to organize information… I think this means alot more than just photo browsing.. Libraries,, historical data sets, etc.

This experience really proves out the importance of animations to provide feedback to the users… Visually the experience is very abstract and confusing but you quickly learn the experience because so much is communicated via animation. Bravo!

Microsoft is really on a roll this week! .NET 3.0, 3D Virtual Earth, Vista, Xbox360 HD marketplace, Office, Zune is fast approaching.

Google seems to be sleeping lately. They must have some amazing tricks up their sleeve, but for now MSFT is on top in my book… Its amazing how that works. We judge a companies capabilities by eye candy and whiz these days. Google releases cool simplicity and solves the user problems elegantly. Then they do something amazing like Google Earth and they are the new shizzy.

Microsoft volleys back with whiz like this and all of a sudden they regain my crown of the coolest kid in town.

Further proves that distinct UI is going to be the arms race of the future.

Photosynth Blog

Though I am not able to run it on my machine without a graphics card !! It requires high-end graphics card in order to give you those outputs.. !!