November 1, 2006

TortoiseCVS 1.9.17 beta released..

Publisher's Description:

TortoiseCVS lets you directly check out modules, update, commit and see differences by right clicking on files and folders within Explorer. You can see the state of a file with overlays on top of the normal icons within Explorer. It even works from within the file open dialog. You can perform tagging, branching, merging and importing, and you can go directly to a browser web log (using ViewCVS or CVSWeb) on a particular file.

Latest Changes:

  • Fixed bug 1584472: Preferences dialog does not retain information
  • Fixed bug 1584470: About Dialog Crashes TortoiseCVS
  • Fixed bug 1583798: Offers no CVS Checkout
  • Fixed bug 1577585: Included/excluded folders doesnt work
  • Fixed bug 1496119: Rename functionality broken
  • Fixed bug 1429905: Context menu on renamed files
  • Fixed bug 1428908: A renamed file stays "Renamed" in display
  • Fixed bug 1237740: Rename for folders does't work
  • Fixed bug 1191069: Diff cmd on a renamed item
  • Fixed bug 1174352: Rename without commit allowed
  • Fixed bug 1584672: CVS Diff line ending does not match sandbox
  • Renamed files can now be properly committed