April 5, 2009

Free Hosted (Online) Bug Tracking System

As I mentioned in my previous blog post, I’ve been working on few home projects and needed low cost (‘free’ would be best!) solutions to systems like Source control, Bug Tracking..

In this blog post, I want to talk about Bug Tracking System. In the past, I’ve used TFS (Team Foundation Server - VSTS), DCL (Double Choco Latte), Jira. They are good but usually you are locked on to only one system (or systems on the same network) where you have set it up.. I wanted something which I can access from anywhere.. The ideal solution would be “Online Hosted Bug Tracking System” which is available 24x7 from anywhere.. with just one user name password, you are on the go!

I did some research and found many such systems (This and this were source of all the information)..

but the best I’ve found for my purposes so far is


Bughost has multiple plans but I think the free plan (Lite) is sufficient for a very small team (1 project, 3 licenses and unlimited bugs).


Stay tuned.. Wave