April 9, 2009

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Breaking: Colbert Wins NASA's Node 3 Naming Contest | Comedy Central Insider Blog
""Colbert" was the top vote-getter in NASA's contest to name the new Node 3 space-module."
11:25:40 PM
Bink.nu | Next Office and Exchange named 2010 - Bink.nu
"Office 14, the successor of Office 2007 will be named Office 2010. Office 2010 is in limited beta at the moment a more broader beta is expected in the next few months. The final release is expected in Q1 2010."
10:45:20 PM
9 of the World's Biggest Animals
10:43:39 PM
15 Creative Motorcycle Helmets
10:42:21 PM
Kwippy in Economic Times !!
10:37:31 PM
Varaha sells fixed-mobile convergence (FMC) as mobile cost-cutter
"Enterprises' need to cut cellular costs is helping drive fixed-mobile convergence (FMC) solutions, and FMC newcomer Varaha Systems is poised to deliver a means of easily moving cell minutes onto local WiFi networks."
10:29:22 PM
"Lifestream.fm is a media and social aggregator that will keep you and your friends informed about what you're doing online at a glance and in realtime. With Lifestream.fm you can put all your profiles and activity from your favorite web services all on one page, making it easy for your friends to see your newest bookmarks, your favorite videos, your tweets, photos you've uploaded, your newest blog posts, and more."
4:42:37 PM
Variable pricing spreads to Amazon, Lala, Rhapsody, Wal-Mart
"Apple made headlines Tuesday by turning on tiered music pricing, with tracks at both $1.29 and 69¢ appearing, but the changes are industry-wide. Amazon, Lala, and Rhapsody are all selling tracks at these new prices (Wal-Mart is holding the line at $1.24), which seem to be an effort to both cash in on popular music and boost album sales."
2:45:23 PM
IBM Targets India to Beat Rivals at Their Own Game
"IBM is expanding in India and grabbing enough customers to take the top spot in the country’s domestic information- technology market from local rivals."
2:44:44 PM
Applications down for foreign worker visas
applications for 20,000 additional H-1B visas reserved for foreign graduates of U.S. colleges with at least a master's degree also fell short of the allocation, though the number of petitions is close to the cap
2:43:58 PM
Germany fines Microsoft $11.9M for anticompetitive Office pricing
"Germany has fined Microsoft Corp. $11.9 million for illegally pressing a retailer to sell its Office productivity software for a certain price"
2:42:23 PM
Intel's Atom Chips to Support Windows 7 This Year
"Intel plans to make sure all of its popular Atom microprocessors support at least two versions of Microsoft's new operating system (OS), Windows 7, in the second half of this year."
2:41:40 PM
Amazon selling Xbox Live games for good old-fashioned money
2:40:55 PM
Microsoft's data center chief to leave company
"Michael Manos, general manager of Microsoft Corp.'s data center services division, is leaving the company to work for wholesale data center provider Digital Realty Trust."
2:40:09 PM
Microsoft Told to Pay $388 Million Over Piracy Patent (Update2) - Bloomberg.com
"Microsoft was told by a federal jury to pay $388 million to a Singapore company for infringing a patented invention used to deter software piracy."
2:39:41 PM
Poll reveals user love for Windows 7
"44% 'very satisfied' with beta, says research firm; just 10% of early Vista users said the same"
2:37:42 PM
Supercomputer 'Magic Cube' to be installed in Shanghai
"China's first supercomputer with a computing speed of over 100 trillion times per second, the Dawning 5000A, also called the "Magic Cube," will officially be installed in the Shanghai Supercomputer Center in mid-May, according to the Dawning Information Industry Company."
2:37:12 PM
Microsoft nabs Sun chip executive
"Marc Tremblay, a Sun fellow and chief technology officer for its chip unit, is joining Microsoft as a "distinguished engineer," Microsoft confirmed on Wednesday. Tremblay, an 18-year Sun veteran, was one of the main architects for Sun's Sparc line of chips. I'm working on getting more details on what Tremblay will be doing in his new role at Microsoft."
2:36:12 PM
Actionvoip | For the cheapest international calls
2:29:29 PM
Gujarati Jokes Online Playable (ગુજરાતી જોકસ)
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