April 28, 2009

My bookmarks today - Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Pages I found interesting today while surfing the web...

Software's Big Four: Cisco, IBM, Oracle, Microsoft | The Open Road - CNET News
"Enterprise software is coming down to four big choices: Cisco Systems or IBM or Oracle or Microsoft"
4:25:05 PM
How Bluetooth got as fast as Wi-Fi
"Bluetooth last week stopped being chained to the low-power, low-throughput radio that has been both its strength and its weakness. New code lets Bluetooth applications now run over 802.11g wireless connections in the 2.4GHz, with a throughput jump to 20M to 24Mbps, from 1M to 3Mbps"
1:45:07 PM
Download Microsoft Office 2007 Service Pack 2 - Office SP2 Improves Speed
1:42:03 PM
Nice screen cast software!
1:41:28 PM
Google's Public Data Visualization
1:38:10 PM
Safe ASCII Love
1:37:38 PM
Introducing MailTips
I just love this feature.. have been dogfooding from quite some time but recently it's got more interesting! :) Awesome!
1:33:22 PM
2pl.us - URL shortner with password protection
"URL shortner with password protection"
1:31:15 PM
"Create your free mobile site!"
1:30:47 PM
Opera web browser turns 15
The Opera web browser may not have the name recognition of more popular software like Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Safari. But you know what it does have? History. The first line of code for the Opera web browser was written 15 years ago today
1:30:26 PM
WinXP Addon – Analyze disk usage and file structure with ease
Windows explorer doesn’t offer detailed analyses of the files and folders. With Free disk usage analyzer you can compare disk usage of different folders and files between different partitions.
1:27:44 PM
Free Task Manager
Awesome utility!
1:24:46 PM
Mozilla releases Firefox 3.5 beta
"Mozilla on Monday released beta 3.5 of Firefox, a revamp of the open-source Web browser designed to include better performance, several new Web programming features, and a private browsing mode"
11:30:45 AM
Amazon Acquires Stanza, an E-Book Application for the iPhone
"Seeking to strengthen its presence on the iPhone and iPod Touch, Amazon has acquired Lexcycle, the company behind Stanza, a popular free e-book application for the iPhone"
11:30:32 AM
Obama promises major investment in science
"U.S. President Barack Obama speaks at the annual meeting of the National Academy of Sciences in Washington April 27, 2009."
11:30:03 AM
Xobni brings Facebook streams into Outlook
11:29:44 AM
Microsoft May Start Selling Windows 7 by the Holidays
"Microsoft Corp., set to release a near-finished version of the Windows 7 operating system this week, said the program may go on sale by the year-end holiday season."
11:29:27 AM
BizTalk Server 2009 ready for the public
"Microsoft Monday said the 2009 version of BizTalk server is now available to its MSDN and TechNet subscribers and will be publicly available on Friday"
11:28:46 AM
Microsoft 'Vine' to link Facebook, other tools into system of alerts
10:13:37 AM
10 Most Fascinating Natural Phenomena
1:36:31 AM
Microsoft to begin public test of Twitter-like notification service
"Microsoft is taking reservations starting April 28 for a limited beta of a new public-information service called Vine."
12:00:06 AM

Stories I shared on Google Reader today...

The Analytics Pro's Tools of the Trade
from: Google Analytics Blog
8:57:39 PM

Gmail Runs Faster in Google Chrome
from: Google Operating System
8:55:32 PM

Box.net now lets files talk to you
from: Webware.com
8:54:20 PM

Behind the Scenes: 100 Days of Obama
from: Flickr Blog
8:53:10 PM

What Mobile Phones Are People Using to Read Your Website?
from: Digital Inspiration - Technology Blog
1:41:45 PM

Office Service Pack 2 A Significant Stability, Performance and Interoperability Upgrade
from: Bink.nu
1:38:56 PM

PamFax Skype add-on adds support for Mac, incoming faxes
from: Download Squad
1:37:49 PM

Zoho Docs goes mobile
from: Download Squad
1:33:31 PM

5 great free CD and DVD burning apps for Windows
from: Download Squad
1:30:05 PM

Top 10 Office podcasts (plus 90 more)
from: Inside Office Online blog
1:29:36 PM

Meet Vine, Microsoft's superhero software
from: Webware.com
1:29:26 PM

Yahoo's Zimbra Desktop 1.0 released
from: Webware.com
1:29:19 PM

Office 2007 SP2 ships, adds Open Document and PDF support
from: Download Squad
Awesome!! Go Interop Go..
1:28:33 PM

An Overview of Recent Updates to Windows Live
from: The Windows Blog
1:28:00 PM

AOL Launches Socialthing; Adds Life Streams, Social Sharing
from: GigaOM
1:26:58 PM

I’ll seek death penalty to reborn and serve Gujarat:Modi(Video)
from: DeshGujarat.Com
Why do elections come! Politicians are ready to die for election (power infact!!)
1:25:57 PM

Working with ODF in Word 2007 SP2
from: Doug Mahugh
1:25:14 PM

Stat Shot: iPhone Users Are App-Hungry
from: GigaOM
1:24:00 PM

Microsoft releasing release candidate for Windows 7 on April 30
from: Microsoft Pri0
1:19:11 AM

GE shows 500GB holographic storage prototype
from: WinBeta
I still remember of preparing a presentation on Holographic Storage before almost 5 years, when the technology was still in R&D phase! Just wondering how much it takes for an awesome idea to convert into a usable product!
12:05:52 AM

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