April 14, 2009

My bookmarks today - Tuesday, April 14, 2009

PasteOff: Clipboard-To-Image-File Utility
The only thing this utility lacks is, Keyboard shortcut..
10:43:12 PM
Jigar Mehta - Google Profile
Google Profiles have got an option now, to simplify Profile URL.. Mine is, (http://google.com/profiles/jigar.programmer)
10:16:55 PM
Tech Companies To Show How Slow They're Growing
10:06:16 PM
Yahoo Could Save $1+ Billion Per Year Outsourcing Search To Microsoft (YHOO, MSFT)
Outsourcing search infrastructure to Microsoft could save Yahoo $1 billion to $1.3 billion per year
10:03:01 PM
Confirmed: Office 2010 will come in 32-bit, 64-bit flavors
This is a big thing.. Office has never had 64 bit version till now.
10:00:29 PM
9 Funny Street Intersections - (hilarious street intersection)
9:33:57 PM
Cooliris gets local file support, Linux version
9:20:32 PM
10 Amazing Hybrid Animals
9:19:47 PM
10 Creative Salt & Pepper Shakers
9:18:20 PM
Fast140 - Twitter Typing Game
9:17:04 PM
Why Cisco is letting employees choose their own Mac or PC
"A growing number of companies are letting employees choose and manage their work PCs. But this new corporate perk is also (surprise!) a way to cut technology costs."
1:52:40 PM
Microsoft rep faces tough questions at Linux Summit
"At the Linux Collaboration Summit, Microsoft platform strategist Sam Ramji faced some tough questions during a panel about operating systems. He argued that Microsoft doesn't oppose open source software and that collaboration with the open source software community represents an opportunity for Microsoft"
1:51:56 PM
Microsoft Settles Patent Claim Over Wireless Networks
"Microsoft Corp., the world’s largest software maker, settled a lawsuit with Australia’s science agency over a patent used for wireless local area networks."
1:50:12 PM
Windows XP Mainstream Support retired, but no need to worry
"As planned, Microsoft today retired Mainstream Support for Windows XP and Office 2003. However, for both products, Microsoft is not planning to retire Extended Support until April 8, 2014."
1:49:05 PM
Check Point closes on Nokia acquisition
"Check Point has completed its acquisition of Nokia's security appliance business, nearly four months after the deal was first announced in December of 2008"
1:47:32 PM
Should Sun buy Novell? | The Open Road
"Buying Novell would give Sun immediate access to a vibrant partner ecosystem, which is critical: ISVs and IHVs don't want to have to certify for a new Linux distribution."
1:46:44 PM
Researchers: Databases still beat Google's MapReduce
"Speed, efficiency of parallel SQL databases superior, paper shows"
1:45:40 PM
Microsoft targets IE6, IE7 users with browser upgrade next week
"Will offer IE8 via Windows Update first, plans WSUS push in July"
11:35:11 AM

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