April 20, 2009

My bookmarks today - Monday, April 20, 2009

Pages I found interesting today while surfing the web...

The Online Collaboration Tools Guide
Zoho Writer in Action!
10:30:43 PM
16 Awesome Screensavers
Would you call me a liar if I told you that this screensaver has actually been made by Microsoft? Go ahead, click the link and you will be taken to the Microsoft website! This Microsoft screensaver cycles between different Blue Screens and simulated boots every 15 seconds or so. Virtually all the information shown on Bluescreen’s BSOD and system start screen is obtained from your system configuration!
10:21:13 PM
70 year-old Buddhist monk Hua Chi - Foot Prints on Wood
"70 year-old Buddhist monk Hua Chi has been praying in the same spot at his temple in Tongren, China for over 20 years. His footprints, which are up to 1.2 inches deep in some areas, are the result of performing his prayers up to 3000 times a day. Now that he is 70, he says that he has greatly reduced his quantity of prayers to 1,000 times each day."
10:13:48 PM
10 Youtube URL Tricks You Should Know About
10:11:39 PM
Session level objects - ASP.NET
This video will introduce Session Level Events and Objects and compare their use with their Application and Page level equivalents.
10:01:05 PM
Google News Timeline
9:55:59 PM
Windows 7 will nag users 29% less often, Microsoft claims
"One of the most hated features of Windows Vista will be seen a third less often by users of the upcoming Windows 7"
9:52:58 PM
Microsoft promises Web-based 1080p with 'Smooth Streaming'
"Microsoft's IIS enjoys about 33% market share (and slipping slightly) against market leader Apache, according to Netcraft analysis. Smooth Streaming leverages IIS Media Services (formerly known as IIS Media Pack) and Silverlight 3 to provide on-demand high-def media (720p to 1080p), or live adaptive streaming. The technology was first used with the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics."
9:52:17 PM
CHART OF THE DAY: Google's Massive Cash Flow In Context (GOOG)
"How much is 8 Billion : It's two-thirds of the cash flow thrown off by Wal-Mart (not shown), the biggest retailer in the world.  And it's about half of the cash flow thrown off by Microsoft, one of the most profitable companies in history."
9:51:03 PM
Microsoft opens The Commons for workers
9:49:30 PM
Lawsuit settled over death of Matthew Ammon, a Microsoft lawyer killed in a Bellevue crane collapse
"The lawsuit against Lease Crutcher Lewis and Magnusson Klemencic Associates was set to go to trial, with Ammon's parents arguing the crane had been negligently installed and operated. A 210-foot crane fell on the Pinnacle Bellecentre, Ammon's building, and Plaza 305."
9:48:38 PM
Speedtile - your bookmarks!
"Speedtile keeps track of your favourite websites. Save and organize your bookmarks in a clear and visual environment, always up to date with daily snapshots.And there is more too! Sort your personal tiles by most frequently used, recently visited or just drag and drop them as you see fit!"
9:44:56 PM
Echodio : Seamless iTunes Sync
"Mac 10.5 only"
9:42:38 PM
Subinacl - Modify Access Control Entries
Display or modify Access Control Entries (ACEs) for file and folder Permissions, Ownership and Domain.
2:25:46 PM
Adobe's Flash comes to TVs, set-top boxes
"Latest version of its Flash multimedia platform that will essentially put its technology in Internet connected TVs, set-top boxes, Blu-ray players, and other digital home devices. The main purpose of the TV and consumer electronics optimized Flash is to allow viewers to see high-definition video, interactive applications and new user interfaces right on their TVs"
1:44:27 PM
Oracle to buy Sun for $7.4 billion
"Oracle Corp. snapped up computer server and software maker Sun Microsystems Inc. for $7.4 billion Monday, pouncing on an opportunity that opened up after rival IBM Corp. abandoned an earlier bid to buy one of Silicon Valley’s best known — and most troubled — companies."
1:43:22 PM
Panchang - For Seattle.
"Amaavasyanth Months Calendar, calculated for Seattle, WA, USA"
11:55:33 AM
Panchangam, Panchang, Panchangamu, Panchang, Panchangmu, Punjika, Jantri and calendars for all world time-zones, for 2007, 2008, 2009. Muhurthams, nakshatras, Festivals and more...
11:52:33 AM
Microsoft Talks Data Tools for Law Enforcement
"Taking a page from its business intelligence and enterprise collaboration tools, Microsoft releases a suite of data-sharing and analysis software for law enforcement agencies"
10:56:05 AM
Fortune 500 2009: Top 1000 American Companies - Microsoft - MSFT
"Rank: 35 (Previous rank: 44)"
10:42:54 AM
Microsoft workers get their very own mall, The Commons, on corporate campus
"Microsoft workers should never have to leave campus again to buy a beer, replace a bike tire or heal their spiritual energy through Reiki."
10:34:23 AM
Your Podcast.com Playlist in iTunes, on your iPod
1:07:52 AM

Stories I shared on Google Reader today...

94 Percent of CNN’s Audience Doesn’t Use Twitter
from: Mashable!
10:28:05 PM

iPhone 3.0 beta firmware reveals more features on upcoming iPhone
from: The Inquisitr » Technology
10:27:10 PM

Submit and Postback
from: ASP.NET Videos
10:02:54 PM

Msnbc.com is Named America's #1 News Site for 10th Consecutive Month
from: MSN Money News - MSFT
9:59:33 PM

UPDATE 1-Microsoft CEO 'very surprised' by Oracle-Sun deal
from: MSN Money News - MSFT
9:59:23 PM

Google Similar Images
from: Google Operating System
9:57:13 PM

Adobe's new Flash can stream Internet content to TVs
from: WinBeta
9:55:34 PM

Microsoft launches new Xbox360 Elite bundle with 2 gold games
from: Bink.nu
9:55:16 PM

Oracle-Sun Deal An Opportunity For Microsoft To Steal Share
from: The Business Insider: Microsoft
9:55:00 PM

Fresh Layoffs Coming To Microsoft?
from: The Business Insider: Microsoft
9:51:25 PM

Analyst: More layoffs at Microsoft possible
from: Microsoft Pri0
9:49:42 PM

Microsoft Already Hiring For Windows 8
from: The Business Insider: Microsoft
9:48:52 PM

Orbit Downloader 2.8.9 is released
from: Orbit Downloader - Download Social Music, Video And More - Expend Less, Download More
9:45:10 PM

Echodio: sync your iTunes library and send playlists to Boxee
from: Download Squad
9:43:22 PM

Pizza Hut searches for Twittering intern
from: Webware.com
9:41:21 PM

Digg buries Microsoft ad contract
from: Webware.com
9:40:35 PM

Windows 7: A New Approach to Securing Today’s Enterprise
from: The Windows Blog
9:39:53 PM

Our Full Analysis of the $7.4B Oracle-Sun Deal
from: GigaOM
8:58:18 PM

Removing Comments from Excel and PowerPoint Files
from: Brian Jones: Office Extensibility
8:55:30 PM

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