April 3, 2009

My Bookmarks today - Friday, April 03, 2009

15 of the World's Largest Objects
(In Picture : World's Largest Swimming pool)
6:06:43 PM
Windows Marketplace only for Windows Mobile 6.5 and up
"Microsoft is preparing to launch Windows Marketplace for mobile phones. The Marketplace is Microsoft's answer to the iPhone App Store. It will allow Windows Mobile users to find purchase, and download mobile applications directly from their phones.. the service will only be available to users with Windows Mobile 6.5 phones. Microsoft has no plans to release a version of Windows Mobile 6.0, 6.1, or older devices"
6:02:59 PM
Microsoft releases Sharepoint Designer 2007 as a free download
6:01:48 PM
Google shows off Gmail mobile Web app | Webware - CNET
"What Google did with Gmail in conventional browsers five years ago it is expecting to do again with a new mobile version of its Web-based e-mail service."
6:00:55 PM
Google May Buy Twitter. Or Not. But Why is Twitter So Hot?
5:29:29 PM
1645645122 on Flickr
Test Picture!
5:22:24 PM
Stanford on iTunes
"Download courses, faculty lectures, interviews, music and sports.Play on your iPod, Mac or PC, or burn a CD.Stay Connected anytime anywhere.Experience a wealth of learning from Stanford"
5:08:34 PM
iPhone Application Development Course Offered by Stanford
"The Apple iPhone and the applications written for this smartphone have become so popular that Stanford University is now broadcasting a free, 10-week course from the university that will show would-be developers how to write apps for both the iPhone and iPod Touch. While those interested in writing iPhone apps cannot get credit, they might find some useful tips for getting their application into the App Store."
5:07:12 PM
Amazon automates Hadoop use for developers
"Called Amazon Elastic MapReduce, the cloud computing service is aimed at developers whose applications need to crunch large amounts of data, for which Hadoop is ideally suited.With Amazon Elastic MapReduce, many tasks that developers would need to handle manually related to Hadoop are automated"
5:06:18 PM
Microsoft open sources ASP.NET MVC stack
"it makes ASP.NET more like dynamic language approaches found in Ruby on Rails. This new open source code will actually also benefit open source developers outside of Microsoft, most notably those that use Mono"
5:05:36 PM
Microsoft Promotes Azure, Connected Systems Leaders
"Microsoft has made a series of recent moves in various divisions, including promotions in the company's Windows Azure group, Connected Systems Division and Server and Tools business unit."
5:03:21 PM
I.B.M. Reportedly Will Buy Rival Sun for $7 Billion
"I.B.M. appears on the verge of acquiring Sun Microsystems, a longtime rival in the computer server and software markets, for nearly $7 billion"
9:59:59 AM
Attackers exploit critical PowerPoint vulnerability
"Microsoft confirmed that attackers were using rigged PowerPoint files to trigger the vulnerability in older editions of the presentation maker"
9:59:09 AM
Microsoft helps keep Koobface virus off Facebook
"The MSRT has removed Koobface nearly 200,000 times from more than 133,600 computers around the world just in the past two weeks"
9:55:35 AM

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