April 6, 2009

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YouTube API Developer Home
YouTube API dashboard.
9:32:23 PM
C#: What is the best way to convert seconds into (Hour:Minutes:Seconds:Milliseconds) time?
TimeSpan t
8:57:36 PM
PNG Icons & Icon Packs Download
7:25:41 PM
Microsoft: Server version of Windows 7 this year
"Windows Server boss Bill Laing said in an interview Friday that the server version of Windows 7 will ship this calendar year"
5:24:21 PM
Developer's Guide: .NET - YouTube APIs and Tools
The YouTube Data API allows client applications to retrieve and update YouTube content in the form of Google Data API feeds. Your client application can use the YouTube Data API to fetch video feeds, comments, responses, and playlists, as well as query for videos that match particular criteria. You can also use the API to make authenticated requests to modify this information and to upload new video content to the site
4:02:14 PM
NewYork-Presbyterian Offers Digital Records
"Microsoft and Google have announced partnerships in recent months with large health care providers like Cleveland Clinic, Mayo Clinic and Kaiser Permanente to explore transferring patient data automatically into personal health records"
9:21:18 AM

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