April 16, 2009

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15 Creative Ads in Unusual Places
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Newseum | Today's Front Pages | Map View
The Newseum displays these daily newspaper front pages in their original, unedited form. Some front pages may contain material that is objectionable to some visitors. Viewer discretion is advised
11:42:23 AM
Amazon EC2 Extends 'reserved Instances' to Europe
"Amazon is now offering the "reserved instances" pricing plan for its Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) to European customers"
11:28:46 AM
Canonical hits back at Microsoft in netbook spat
"Canonical, the company that sponsors the Ubuntu Linux distribution, has attacked a Microsoft blogger's claims about why Windows netbooks outsell their Linux counterparts"
11:28:09 AM
Adobe Offers Flex Builder 3 Free to Unemployed Developers
"Adobe Systems is offering free Flex Builder 3 licenses to unemployed application developers. The offer is part of a package that includes training and other assistance"
11:26:58 AM
Sun's open-source boss slams App Engine's Java support
"Google committed a major transgression by only including support for a subset of Java classes in its App Engine development platform"
11:26:36 AM
Google enhances and open sources its Update software
"Google has both refreshed and open sourced its Google Update software, which is code-named Omaha. By making the software available under the open source Apache license, developers working on an auto-updater can use Google's code, which also enables Google to publish updates and plug security holes."
11:25:06 AM
APL for Visual Studio Announced
"APLNext has released VisualAPL for VS2008, a dynamically-typed, array-based, object-oriented programming language to exploit the combined power of APL and Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 on the .NET platform. VisualAPL lets domain experts rapidly build sophisticated application systems, is fully compliant with ISO/IEC 13751 (the international standard for APL array-based languages), and is integrated with Microsoft Visual Studio 2008"
11:23:02 AM
Velocity CTP3 Released
"Velocity CTP3 (Community Technology Preview 3) was published on Tuesday and can be downloaded here. The CTP3 represents pre-beta testing; it's of interest mostly to technical reviewers"
11:22:04 AM
Netbook Chips Create a Low-Power Cloud
"Using a cluster of the same processors that normally show up in netbooks and similar mobile devices, researchers have created a powerful server architecture that draws less power than a lightbulb"
11:19:45 AM
New Net taxes amid taxing times? | Politics and Law
"A growing number of states are considering laws to tax digital goods, such as iTunes songs, Amazon MP3s, or electronic books. Yet at a time when governments say they want to encourage broadband adoption and the development of a low-carbon economy, opponents say taxing digital goods sends exactly the wrong message"
11:19:07 AM
Indian government approves Satyam takeover
"The Indian government's Company Law Board (CLB) on Thursday approved the acquisition by Tech Mahindra of a 51% stake in troubled Indian outsourcer Satyam Computer Services"
11:11:44 AM
Sun Said to Be Willing to Hold Talks If IBM Concedes
"Sun Chief Executive Officer Jonathan Schwartz was in favor of a deal, although he ultimately voted with the rest of Sun’s board to reject the offer because the price was too low and there was little certainty that the merger would close"
11:11:15 AM
Microsoft merges product search, Cashback
"The new site unifies Live Search Products (the shopping vertical within Live Search) and Cashback to make it easier for you to research, compare products, and save money,"
11:09:52 AM
PBX killer, Voice CAL coming to OCS in 2010
"OCS server will include new features, including native E-911 support, designed to finally establish OCS as a PBX replacement rather than a complement, which is the positioning for the current version even with its new SIP-trunking features"
11:07:08 AM
Microsoft: No Office 2010 beta for you
"Microsoft confirmed today that it will not open Office 2010 beta testing to the general public, but will instead limit the preview to a large group of invite-only users starting in the third quarter of 2009"
11:06:25 AM
Microsoft revives Spitfire pub under compromise arrangement
"Microsoft has reached an agreement to move forward with a new campus pub -- reversing course after having second thoughts and surprising the bar owner with a lease termination last week. Under the compromise plan, the Spitfire pub will serve beer and wine in the afternoons and evenings, after 3 p.m., but it will be open during those hours only for scheduled gatherings and catered events"
11:05:12 AM
Interpol plans to use Microsoft's evidence extracting technology
"The International Criminal Police Organization, better known as Interpol, says it will distribute Microsoft's Computer Online Forensic Evidence Extractor tool to its 187 member countries under an agreement announced with the Redmond company today. Microsoft says it's providing the "COFEE" tool free of charge"
10:56:17 AM
Tasks Feature Spotted in Google Calendar
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