April 19, 2009

My bookmarks today - Sunday, April 19, 2009

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TwitterMass - Massively Grow Your Twitter Network
"TwitterMass gives you all the tools you need to share, grow and inspire your Twitter Network. If you're looking to reach existing or new customers we give you the tools to spark conversation and manage your reputation"
11:41:24 PM
The Photographer King Needs No Tripod
Photographer Juza rocks the Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III with a monstrous Sigma 200-500mm f/2.8 EX DG lens. For reference, the Sigma weighs about 35 pounds.
11:33:16 PM
Windows washer: Meet Microsoft's antidote to Vista
"Microsoft Corp. is counting on Larson-Green, its head of "Windows Experience," to deliver an operating system that delights the world's PC users as much as its last effort, Vista, disappointed them. She's in charge of a wide swath of the system, from the way buttons and menus work to getting the software out in January as scheduled."
11:18:40 PM
Hulu - Stargate SG-1
Immediately added to the queue!
9:25:42 PM
Gmail Auto Reply Feature
8:44:32 PM
Indian Matrimonials
The world's largest matrimonial service
8:10:31 PM
Google Classic. Slow but personal
7:31:47 PM
To Pay or Not To Pay
7:25:53 PM
Welcome to the YouTube channels beta!
7:08:20 PM
Google trims work force, cuts costs to make profit
"Google eked out a higher profit in the first quarter as the Internet search leader trimmed its work force and winnowed other expenses to overcome the slowest revenue growth since since the company went public nearly five years ago."
6:59:55 PM
Conversion of hex value in milliseconds to datetime in c#2005
3:43:28 PM
Publishing RSS and ATOM Feeds using WCF 3.5 Syndication Libraries.
"This article focuses on using the WCF 3.5 libraries namely System.ServiceModel.Syndication namespace to create and publish an RSS and Atom feed from the same code base."
1:45:18 PM
Rss20 and Atom10 Compared
The RSS 2.0 specification is copyrighted by Harvard University and is frozen. No significant changes can be made (although the specification is under a Creative Commons licence) and it is intended that future work be done under a different name; Atom is one example of such work.Atom 1.0 is specified in RFC 4287 (HTML Version); it represents the consensus of the Atompub Working Group within the IETF, as reviewed and approved by the IETF community and the Internet Engineering Steering Group. The specification is structured in such a way that the IETF could conceivably issue further versions or revisions of this specification without breaking existing deployments, although there is no commitment, nor currently expressed interest, in doing so.
1:44:44 PM
Another 11 Fascinating LEGO Creations
12:12:32 PM

Stories I shared on Google Reader today...

My first post, a robust post
from: My Ramblings
11:46:41 PM

Hulu iPhone App Coming, and It's "Badass" [Rumor]
from: Gizmodo
11:38:46 PM

Super Mario Theme Played On Laser Cutter
from: Geekologie - Gadgets, Gizmos, and Awesome
11:38:38 PM

Ever Wanted To Measure Your Bandwidth Usage? (Windows)
from: MakeUseOf.com
11:37:26 PM

New Features out on Zenbe for Business
from: Zenbe Blog
8:29:24 PM

Rava Idlis
from: Lajawaab
7:16:07 PM

જિંદગી જીવતાં આવડે તો કોઈ દુ:ખ નથી – અવંતિકા ગુણવંત
from: Readgujarati.com
લેખિકા અવંતિકાબેનની નવા પુસ્તકોની શ્રેણીમાં તાજેતરમાં પ્રકાશિત થયેલું વધુ એક સુંદર પુસ્તક ‘વાતે વાતે જીવન ઝબકે’ માંથી સાભાર
7:04:58 PM

Windows Live Writer Tip #4 – © and ® Characters
from: Donkblog
6:58:22 PM

Export all your Files from Google Pages as a Zip
from: Digital Inspiration - Technology Blog
4:04:58 PM

Translate Your Outlook Emails into Other Languages
from: Digital Inspiration - Technology Blog
4:04:33 PM

The 50 Most Powerful People In India
from: The India Uncut Blog
4:03:27 PM

IBM 'too poor' to pay for staff tea and coffee
from: digg.com: Stories / Popular
4:01:36 PM

What Would A Geek Couple Name Their Twins?
from: Laugh IT Out
4:01:17 PM

YouTube Tests New Design for Channels
from: Google Operating System
3:57:42 PM

Meet Aneesh Chopra, America's Chief Technology Officer
from: The Business Insider: Microsoft
3:57:18 PM

How to hide your tracks at work
from: Webware.com
3:47:33 PM

WinLAME audio converter gets a 2009 (minor) makeover
from: Download Squad
WinLAME is a free and open source utility for Windows that handles batch audio encoding jobs quickly, easily, and efficiently. This week the developer released winLAME 2009 beta 1, which is the first major update in ages. The update brings the ability to read ID3v2 tags to and from MP3 files, and some updated encoding libraries.
3:47:01 PM

Memolio: Create Compact Albums
from: Web Apps on Go2Web20
3:46:15 PM

Windows 7 RC to be released publicly on May 5
from: Download Squad
3:45:19 PM

How to save your Google Pages data before it shuts down in June
from: Download Squad
12:11:25 PM

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