April 24, 2009

My bookmarks today - Friday, April 24, 2009

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Microsoft cancels company picnic
I thought I would get a chance this time to experience known company picnic! But alas!
7:38:48 PM
10 of the World's Largest Vegetables and Fruits
7:36:53 PM
Get original URL of tiny one.
7:35:17 PM
Iconfinder - Icon search made easy
7:33:58 PM
Slick New User Menus!
7:28:39 PM
XML.com: Hacking iTunes
"The iTunes library file, a file called iTunes Music Library.xml, is created automatically when you launch iTunes. On Mac OS X, it can be found in the directory $HOME/Music/iTunes/, while on Windows, you'll find it in My Documents\My Music\iTunes\. It's an XML file, the format of which is defined by a Document Type Declaration (DTD) located at www.apple.com/DTDs/PropertyList-1.0.dtd (reformatted for legibility):"
1:02:22 AM

Stories I shared on Google Reader today...

Using Netmon to figure out the source of high CPU in WMIprvse.exe
from: Ntdebugging Blog
7:39:52 PM

10 days of IMing with Trillian Astra beta
from: Webware.com
7:37:33 PM

RealTime: No YouTube revolution yet
from: Webware.com
7:33:14 PM

Sharing updates in Yahoo! Messenger 9.0
from: Yahoo! Messenger Blog
7:29:19 PM

Yahoo Messenger 9 'status' tweak: Sharing is caring
from: Webware.com
7:27:08 PM

Windows 7 RC scheduled for release next week
from: Download Squad
7:26:45 PM

from: Windows Server Division WebLog
7:26:32 PM

Internet Explorer 8 is now available in 18 additional languages
from: IEBlog
7:26:27 PM

Best time to move on to Self Hosted Wordpress Blog with unlimited space and bandwidth for $10 only
from: CallingAllGeeks
7:23:06 PM

Why Email Clients Need to Change
from: GigaOM
7:16:18 PM

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