April 22, 2009

My bookmarks today - Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Pages I found interesting today while surfing the web...

The 100% unofficial blog of the Indian Prime Minister
11:02:48 PM
The True Cost of Amazon's New Kindle
"A teardown analysis of the Kindle 2 by market research firm iSuppli estimates the cost to build the device at $185.49, or about 52% of its retail price of $359. ISuppli takes apart consumer electronics to identify the manufacturer's suppliers and estimate the cost of the device's components, providing a rough idea of the profit margin for each unit sold"
10:24:13 AM
Bluetooth 3.0 Gets Official
"The next generation of Bluetooth will offer faster transfer speeds and should be commercially available in devices in about 9 months"
10:23:46 AM
Google tries jump-starting 3D Web with O3D
"Google released software called O3D to bring accelerated 3D graphics to browsers, a significant effort but not the only one to try to endow Web applications with some of the computing muscle that PC programs can use"
10:23:12 AM
Oracle expected to slash thousands of Sun Microsystems jobs
"Oracle, which has reshaped the business technology industry by acquiring and carving up other companies, is sure to shed thousands of Sun workers after its $7.4 billion acquisition of the server and software company, industry observers say. Some figure it will cut from a third to a half of Sun's work force."
10:22:45 AM
VMware's version of flexibility doesn't include Microsoft Hyper-V
"VMware promises new levels of flexibility in the data center with vSphere, its cloud operating system, but is still promoting vendor lock-in by refusing to support competing virtualization products."
10:22:20 AM
$4.5 million from Microsoft targets Houston digital divide
"The program, Wireless Empowered Community Access Network, better known as WeCan Works, was made possible, in large part, by a $4.5 million grant from software giant Microsoft Corp"
10:21:57 AM
Software Pirates Getting Bolder Too, Says Microsoft Study
"Microsoft study indicates that it's quite possible you're using pirated software even if you tried in good faith to buy legit software"
10:21:21 AM
New multiplayer modes coming to 'Halo Wars'
"Real-time strategy game Halo Wars will introduce three new multiplayer options as part of a downloadable content package"
10:20:47 AM
Web Messenger in Hotmail now in seven more countries
"Web Messenger in Windows Live Hotmail is now available in the following countries: Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, the UK and the US"
10:20:29 AM
Microsoft's negotiations with Yahoo intensify
"Microsoft has stepped up discussions with Yahoo about a partnership designed to challenge Google in the Internet search market"
10:19:37 AM

Stories I shared on Google Reader today...

Obama Explains the National Debt - No Problem
from: Daryl Cagle's Cartoon Web Log
11:03:30 PM

About whom did Narendra Modi say “Lalava”?(Video)
from: DeshGujarat.Com
11:01:45 PM

WPF Themes
from: Kate Gregory's Blog
10:58:47 PM

Windows Live Writer Tip #6 – Inserting Quotes
from: Donkblog
10:57:50 PM

The Oprah Winfrey Effect on Twitter
from: Digital Inspiration - Technology Blog
12:11:55 AM

Yahoo to cut 5 percent of jobs
from: MSN Money News - MSFT
12:06:44 AM

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