April 15, 2009

My bookmarks today - Wednesday, April 15, 2009

REL Link Checker
REL Link Checker Lite is a free easy-to-use link checker tool to help you maintain the accuracy of links on your website. The program will help you easily locate broken links and links containing syntactic errors.This is the free version of a more powerful tool, Web Link Validator. If you are a professional web developer or have to manage a large site, consider downloading Web Link Validator instead. The lite version is designed for casual webmasters and is only designed to check a small website or homepage.
10:37:25 PM
Web Link Validator: The Broken Links Doctor
Web Link Validator helps webmasters automate the process of validating websites and checking the sites for errors. Performing a thorough analysis of the entire website and all of its pages discovers broken links even if JavaScript or Flash were used. Despite of what the name suggests, Web Link Validator is not limited to link checking, and reveals problems such as orphaned files, errors in HTML code, slow-loading, outdated and minuscule pages.
10:36:48 PM
PhotoshopDisasters: Burda: Limbo
10:26:21 PM
Blunck Software - COMTrace
ComTrace is a tool that will intercept both calls made on your interfaces and calls made to the COM library, and trace these for you. You will see the name of the method call, the parameters passed to the method and the returning HRESULT
11:37:16 AM
Google's Trademark Tussle
"Google suffered a setback in a legal battle over how it auctions search terms. How would eventual defeat affect the Web search market?"
11:11:00 AM
Citrix speeds Web 2.0 apps
"New NetScaler feature streamlines delivery of data to cut servers and associated costs and is the first push technology of the Web 2.0 era, Citrix claims"
11:10:25 AM
Google touts Android 1.5 features to coders
"Google has released an Android 1.5 software developer kit, giving programmers access to several new features, such as video support and a faster browser that will appear in a forthcoming version of the company's open-source mobile-phone operating system"
11:01:58 AM
Sun boosts new servers with flash memory
"IBM deal or not, Sun releases Nehalem-based systems that tap flash for faster app response"
11:01:20 AM
VMware to debut new hypervisor April 21
"VMware on April 21 will release highly anticipated vSphere software, the next generation of its flagship virtualization engine, according to VMware business partner Unisys"
11:00:59 AM
EC Wins New Ally in Latest Antitrust Case Against Microsoft
"The European Commission won a new ally Wednesday in its latest antitrust battle with Microsoft over the company's browser, Internet Explorer"
11:00:18 AM
Microsoft fills Excel, Windows, Word holes
"Microsoft on Tuesday closed security holes in Excel, Windows, and Word that had been exploited in the wild as well as other holes for which exploit code or details exist, all as part of its monthly patch update cycle"
10:59:15 AM
Internet Explorer viral video taps Microsoft's funny bone
10:58:51 AM
Fully functional Office 2008 for Mac trial is now available
"Microsoft's has released a 30-day trial of its latest version of Office for the Mac. The Office 2008 trial is fully-functional and should let you get a taste for the updates before you drop some cash on a full version"
10:57:21 AM
Microsoft sets Office 2007 SP2 release for April 28
"Microsoft Corp. has set April 28 as the release date for Office 2007 Service Pack 2 (SP2), the first update to the company's popular application suite since December 2007"
10:56:58 AM
MS Exchange 2010: New Beta Sports Archiving, Web Hosting Tweaks
"Microsoft raises the stakes against rival Lotus Notes by releasing a public beta version of Exchange 2010 today with new e-mail archiving and productivity features, plus an option for customers who want to mix and match on-premise and Web-hosted Exchange"
10:56:25 AM
Zindgi ke safar me..
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12 Most Creative Sofas (cool couches)
1:35:28 AM
Yet Another 12 Insanely Titled Books
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