April 2, 2009

My Bookmarks today - Thursday, April 02, 2009

Azure: Microsoft .NET Service Bus
10:57:59 PM
Microsoft applies for fewer H-1B work visas
"With ongoing layoffs and hiring slowed across the economy, Microsoft this year is applying for "substantially fewer" of the controversial H-1B temporary work visas for specialty occupations and expects other tech employers to do likewise, a top executive said Wednesday."
10:19:23 PM
Microsoft To Spend $100 Million On 'Kumo'
"Microsoft still hasn't settled on a name for its new, improved search engine yet. For now they're calling it "Kumo" internally. But once a decision is reached, the company will put $100 million dollars worth of marketing behind the new brand"
10:12:40 PM
Microsoft focuses on 3D camera company
"Microsoft is reported to be buying 3D digital camera company 3DV Systems for $34m, giving it remote gesture recognition technology."
10:10:25 PM
Microsoft: Web 2.0 is good for business
BigBoss Stephen Elop says his company is successfully adopting Web 2.0 principles in its business products.
10:08:27 PM
10 Most Fascinating Twin Stories
"Twins born in different years"
10:07:04 PM
Turn Twitter links to Delicious bookmarks with Tweecious
9:58:37 PM
Digg's new Diggbar will destroy other short url services
Apart from making it easy to submit items to Digg, the toolbar also integrates with Facebook and Twitter and can send links via email. There's nothing to install, just a simple bookmarklet that should work with any web browser. Click it and the page reloads with the Diggbar perched on top, ready to submit the page to Digg and share stats on previously dugg items.
9:55:53 PM
Yelp to release new iPhone app
9:55:01 PM
New in Labs: Gmail search made easier (and lazier)
Gmail also offers a bunch of advanced search operators, which provide a powerful way to find that one message you have in mind. You can search in specific places (e.g. in chats or sent items), or search for messages with attachments of a certain type (e.g. docs or photos). Suppose I want to search for photos that were sent to me by my friend Chris. Normally, I would have to enter Chris' email address followed by filename:(jpg OR png), which I gladly admit is even a bit too geeky for me. With Search Autocomplete, I can just type "photos" or "pictures," select "has photos" from the drop down list (as in the screenshot below), and the search query (filename:(jpg OR png)) gets inserted for me. Similarly, you can type in the word "attachment" and Search Autocomplete will list the most common attachment types for you.
9:51:16 PM
Physics of the Impossible's Michio Kaku on Invisibility Cloaks, Parallel Universes, and Reader Feedback
This book is gonna be interesting.. I have heard Kaku, he is genius.
9:36:46 PM
Getting better stack traces in Process Monitor / Process Explorer
Nicely written, Vijay.
9:35:47 PM
Amazon Brings MapReduce to AWS
"Amazon today said it would bring web-scale computing power for use in workloads such as web indexing and data mining to just about anyone. The bookseller now offers MapReduce (a programming model created by Google to help deal with incredibly large data sets) using Hadoop on Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud and Simple Storage Service"
9:33:51 PM
Link 32-Bit Native C++ EXEs with /LARGEADDRESSAWARE
9:32:11 PM
Google uncloaks once-secret server
"Google for the first time showed off its server design"
12:00:47 PM
Apple's iPhone, an Indian Flop, Prepares for China
"The failure of Apple's iPhone to make a dent in India's lucrative telecom market may hold lessons for its upcoming push in China"
11:59:54 AM

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