April 10, 2009

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Delegates Rocks!
9:09:57 PM
Linux Expected To Thrive As Economy Recovers
"As the economy recovers, the business uses seeded by that growth will make Linux revenue the fastest-growing operating system segment in the marketplace."
11:52:02 AM
Nintendo's Portable Console Adds Services
11:51:28 AM
What's Behind Apple's Memory Buying Spree?
"One of the longer-running rumors around the iPhone is that Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) would eventually release a 32GB version. Apple launched the iPhone with 4GB and 8GB units, and in its second generation moved up to 8GB and 16GB of capacity. But the company has a 32GB iPod Touch, so it certainly knows that form factor."
11:50:42 AM
Cisco Buys Another Software Firm
Cisco Systems Inc. said it will pay approximately $105 million in cash and retention bonuses to acquire Tidal Software Inc., a move to expand the tech giant's offerings for data centers
11:49:58 AM
Bill Gates and friends apply for electromagnetic engine patents
11:49:20 AM
Microsoft MyPhone Mobile Service Takes on Nokia
"Microsoft's upcoming MyPhone service looks to make it easier for cell phone users to share pictures with each other. With the new mobile phone technology, Microsoft is taking aim at similar offerings from Nokia."
11:48:43 AM
Online Office gives Microsoft Open Web religion
11:48:19 AM
How Microsoft Is Fighting Back (Finally)
11:47:46 AM

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